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I am trying to install Ubuntu on Windows 8. My system does not have the SecureBoot and UEFI option. I downloaded the Ubuntu 12.04 ISO from the website. It contains wubi.exe, but when I run Wubi it starts downloading the Ubuntu ISO again.

I tried the option of putting the ISO and wubi.exe in an empty folder and then running it, but it still downloads a new ISO. Why can't it use the ISO I already have?

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What does the logfile say? Check in %TEMP%\wubi-12.04.2-rev272.log or pastebin the entire file and post the link here so we can see it. – bcbc Jul 3 '13 at 6:47

Most possibly you have downloaded (the default downlaod) a 32 bit ISO where as your machine support 64bit. So wubi detects it and tries to download 64bit ubuntu ISO.

To force using 32bit, open the folder where you stored wubi.exe and ISO. Now right click while pressing Shift, click on Open a command window here

Now execute Wubi.exe with parameter --32bit, the command should be like Wubi.exe --32bit

Few more points for troubleshooting:

More FAQs and details :

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