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I have dual booted by MacBook Pro Retina Display with Ubuntu 13.04, using EFI boot manager rEFInd. It works great, except for the suspend function which is broken in both Mac OS and Ubuntu. If I click suspend or close the lid, it won't wake back up and I have to switch it off and on a couple of times before it'll boot up. I saw another question here (rEFInd breaks standby mode on MacBook Air 5.2) had a similar problem and was suggested trying rEFIt.

My questions are:

1) rEFIt doesn't appear to be maintained anymore. Is there a specific version that's recommended for solving the boot problem and does anyone have experience with other issues that may occur using the unmaintained version?

2) Will I need to reinstall Ubuntu to try rEFIt. Can anyone recommend any tutorials for switching boot manager?

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I have a Macbook 7,1 and was using Refit up until a few weeks ago and I'm running Mountain Lion with all the latest updates and I had no issues. It isn't maintained anymore but it does work fine in my experience. –  brim4brim Jul 2 '13 at 23:38

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