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Canonical says that they have "tightly integrated" OpenStack Grizzly into their Raring Ringtail release. Yet I fail to make this work at all, currently.

So I got a fresh install of Raring Server on a physical box.

My first attempt was to follow the official documentation:

Unfortunately, these instructions are simply outdated, despite the /13.04/ in the URL. They are just cut and paste from an earlier version. I failed in the middle of the "Install OpenStack Compute (Nova)" section because the nova-manage user subcommand just isn't there any more in the Grizzly release; they have moved to keystone.

Not that nobody would have noticed yet:

As a next attempt, I want to No luck on 13.04; just not working. I re-installed the host server to 12.04 and used the grizzly branch and was able to get something up and running, yet there are many issues with a DevStack setup system. (Different story.)

So I wonder if nobody ever tried to create a single-node OpenStack server on top of Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring) with the Grizzy release of OpenStack; except going down the MAAS / Juju path with 10+ machines.

Any hints are welcome!

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I've been trying this (first with raring, now with saucy). I'm using KVM+Libvirt on one (powerful, 16G Ram machine). I then have MaaS manage the KVM machines and then use Juju on top to deploy openstack. The main place I have been stuck is with charms failing to deploy, but it appears that might be my fault:… – Azendale Oct 25 '13 at 3:46
I hope this link with help you… – Qasim Nov 3 '13 at 6:38