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I'm using a Dell with Windows and I am also using Ubuntu as a 2nd OS by wubi. When I boot into ubuntu I have two Hard drive icons one labeled DELLUTILITY and the other labled as recovery on my desktop. These really annoy me. I can unmount them but I'm worried that this will cuase a problem to my computer or even mess up windows when I boot into it.

What can I do or should I do?

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You should be able to unmount the DELLUTILITY partition at anytime. Mamually, enter the command:

sudo umount <mount point>

If you want to avoid having the partition always mounting, first get the actual partition name that contains the Dell Utility. To do this, enter the command:


and see which one it is, for example, /dev/sda1 or a long series of digits.

as root (sudo), edit the file /etc/fstab and remove (or comment out) the line that mounts that partition.

This will disablemounting this partition in the future, but will not prevent you from manually mounting it manually.

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