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I installed Device Agent and it is running with Wine. It lets me login to my account on TrainingPeaks (on the web) but I cannot upload anything since my Timer Run Trainer GPS is not detected by Timex Device Agent. Totally new to Ubuntu and Wine, I really have no idea what to try. Any help or suggestions would be great.

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Install the latest wine 1.7.x – it solved my connection issue with Garmin Mapsource (6137) connecting to eTrex Legend with a USB-Serial adapter. See: Installing and Configuring Wine

Also important to ensure the com port under wine is linked to /dev/ttyUSB0, and permissions are OK.


ls -l /dev/tty*

You should see a device called "ttyUSB0". You should see it belong to the dialout group. Add yourself to the group:

sudo adduser yourusername dialout

Reboot computer.

Make the device visible as "com1" port under wine:

cd ~/.wine/dosdevices

ln -s /dev/ttyUSB0 "com1"

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thanks for the reply and I know it was a while back. anyhow, I have been using windows to access my gps until now. I am trying again with linux, tried your suggestion but do not see ttyUSB0. any ideas what to do next? – runbm May 9 '15 at 0:57

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