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First off, thanks for taking a look - I've tried to tackle this problem more than once to no avail.

The long and the short of the back-story (though I can't recall specifics because it's literally been years since this fiasco started) is that an in-place upgrade wrecked my OS install and I had to shift to a different version, but my RAID array has never auto-mounted on start since then.

The symptoms are as such: - On startup, numerous startup scripts are failing because the RAID array is not being mounted - Upon logging in, I can use a file browser to navigate to /media/Media, which is displayed in my "Places" dropdown in Gnome, and therefore cause the OS to mount the RAID without intervention.

(Given the excessive amounts of text & config files, I've placed them in github gists instead of inline.)

Here are the contents of my /etc/fstab file: https://gist.github.com/jenrmagas/424aa919f948c4c85240/raw/b5ba15b8325cde633c28619be20f26dfc2d4bf63/etc+fstab

Now mind you, I've had some substantial previous attempts at fixing this, so you'll see some things commented out from prior installs and upgrades as well as troubleshooting attempts.

When I do a 'dmesg | less', here is what I find from the most recent startup: https://gist.github.com/jenrmagas/424aa919f948c4c85240/raw/c11f7328c6f9dfdded12b9bc7bf7dda847385174/dmesg+contents

Can anyone give some suggestions as to how I can get this working on startup? Let me know if there are additional details, config files, logs, etc., and I will be more than happy to provide them.

Thank you again!

~ Jen

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