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Hiya, I just unsynced one of my folders but had hoped the data would remain in the cloud until deleted - which is, quite obviuosly, not the case. So right now I'm trying to sync the whole folder again but I'm curious if there is a way of keeping the data online although I deactivate the sync option on my Netbook / Ubuntu 10.10. I tried to find information on this in the FAQ but couldn't... I'm thankful for any help! :)

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What you're wanting to do is to unsubscribe the local machine from the web folder, rather than deleting the web folder which is what Nautilus exports. If you're on Natty you can access this functionality via the Ubuntu One Control Panel:

the Ubuntu One Control Panel “Cloud Folders” tab

If you're not on Natty yet, you can get the folder id from u1sdtool --list-folders, and then use u1sdtool --unsubscribe-folder=folder-id.

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