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For my daily work I use two keyboard layouts: The normal German Qwertz (setxkbmap de) as well as Neo (setxkbmap de neo). Yesterday suddenly between switching back and forth between keyboard layouts [alt] and [super] stopped working normally for window switching and accessing the gnome shell overview using Neo. More precisely with Neo:

  • When any window has focus pressing [alt] and [super] has no effect whatsoever (neither [alt]-[tab] for application switching, [alt]-^ for window switching, or just [super] to get to the activities overview).
  • If now window is open [super] works fine. The same goes for when I'm in the activities overview.
  • [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[F1] etc. works unaffected.

My system wide default keyboard layout is neo and I switch between keyboard layouts with setxkbmap de / setxkbmap de neo via a keyboard shortcut (the calculator button). When I switch to Qwertz everything works as expected.

I didn't find anything interesting in /var/log/{syslog, Xorg.0.log, gdm/*} and as far as I can tell there were no package installations at the time the problem started. I also tried removing the cache files /var/lib/xkb/* to no avail.

I'd also be happy about hint's how I can debug this phenomenon. As it it I'm at loss with what could be the cause.

Edit: If found a workaround: After logging out and logging in again everything works (my user get's automatically logged in after boot).

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