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First of all, sorry for my english: i'm not british/american.

Here is my problem. I've got a folder named pdf with lots of files pdf inside it. I've got another folder named thumbnail, which is empty. I want to create jpg images preview of each pdf to use them in my HTML webpages as previews of the pdf.

To do this I'm using a software called IMAGEMAGICK. I tried to put the code inside my PHP files to get the purpose, but it doesn't work. As you understood, I have created a small search engine with apache, mysql to search for pdf locally (offline). Now I want to add a "preview" of the first page of pdfs. Instead, it works by bash command line and the code is:

convert pdf/name_of_the_file_pdf.pdf[0] name_of_the_imagefile.jpg

(The zero stands for that the image is taken from the FIRST page of pdf) How can i make a script that takes each name of pdf files and put it into that code???? To list all the file, I did

ls >pdf

but with the little knowledge I have I can't go further.... Some pdf's names contain spaces....Is that a problem?

PDF files are so many that i can't do the task typing every name,it wouldn't be a nice and clever work!!!! Thanks a lot in advance!!!

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Any solution that uses the ls command will eventually fail, but don't fret; bash can handle any and all filenames safely without involving an external command (like ls) to "list" them.

To make a filename.jpg from every filename.pdf in the current directory, you can do:

for file in ./*.pdf; do
    convert "$file[0]" "${file%.pdf}.jpg"

You can also do that in one line

for file in ./*.pdf; do convert "$file[0]" "${file%.pdf}.jpg"; done

The double quotes (") are very important to avoid wordsplitting and pathname expansion from the result of the parameter expansions.

$file and ${file%.pdf} are called parameter expansions. See and for more on parameter expansions and string manipulation in bash in general.

EDIT: And reading the question again, I see you wanted the jpegs in the parent directory of the pdfs, so I'll include the necessary modifications for that as well:

for file in pdf/*.pdf; do
    convert "$file[0]" "./${basename%.pdf}.jpg"
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