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How to allocate unallocated space of hard disk in Ubuntu 12.04 after installation.

My system is running fine with Windows and Linux. I am using Windows rarely and for my official purpose I am using Ubuntu 12.04.

I forgot to allocate around 100 GB of space while installing. Now 100 GB is free in HDD and its not usable.

How can I allocate that free space as another volume without formatting the current OS?

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Can you add an image of the Gparted screen? Upload it add the link, and I'll add it for you. – Mitch Jun 29 '13 at 20:13

Here is what you can do:

  1. Start a Terminal session by typing Ctrl+Alt+T
  2. Type gksudo gparted and hit Enter
  3. Type your password in the window that pops up
  4. Find the partition Ubuntu is installed in. If you are unsure what it is, type sudo df in a Terminal session and hit Enter. The filesystem mounted on / will be the Ubuntu partition.
  5. Right-click the partition and select Resize/Move
  6. Expand the Ubuntu partition into the unallocated space
  7. Profit!
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I should make it clearer that this must be done from a live cd if you are resizing the system partition. – user76204 Jun 29 '13 at 21:17

Search and open "disks" in the dash, then click the disk on the left and click the plus underneath the partitions to add a new one. Change the type to FAT for compatibility on windows, name it and click ok, then you're done!

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