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let me tell you the story from the beginning i had a mutltiboot system -ubuntu,windows 7(pre-installed). as we know there is a loader(the one that give us multi os choice) that start loading from the ubuntu os but what i do here is i just manualy format the partition (on disk manager app on windows 7 ) that has the ubuntu os (not the loader- they are distnict actually) it was working fine until the first reboot that i met with this command for the first time

error:unknown file system grub rescue>

i got the answer for this and try it but it only work to load the linux one and i just already delete all the source files for ubuntu so it couldn't make it. so i tried to get onother linux- fedora16 . amazingly the live cd provided me with those partitons of loaders i formated the partition of what it said 'linux swap space'. and the next reboot message was error:file not found grub rescue>

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Here is what you can do:

  1. Boot from a Windows Live CD (I assume you know how to modify the boot order
  2. Choose Repair
  3. Choose Command Prompt
  4. Run bootrec /fixmbr then bootrec /fixboot
  5. Profit!

Basically, you forgot to fix your MBR to boot Windows, so your computer fails to boot because it cannot find GRUB. Follow the instructions here for a full guide on uninstalling Ubuntu from a multiboot setup.

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