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This is maybe a stupid question, but how can I choose my own background image on ubuntu gnome 3?? I click on Settings -> Background -> then I click on the current background preview to change it but I see only the defaults images! No + symbol to add or something. On the 'Pictures' tab there is nothing to select, I get an empty white page? I am running ubuntu gnome 13.04 3.9.6-030906-generic.


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A bit easier, or if you don't wanna move the files.

Open the chosen file in the file manager. It should open with Image Viewer/eog. Both the Image menu and the right-click context menu have an option called, "Set as Desktop Background."

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Here is what you need to do:

  1. Add the background image you wish to use to your pictures folder (~/pictures)
  2. Right click your desktop and select "Change Desktop Background"
  3. In the upper right region, you should see a drop-down menu with "Wallpapers" currently selected. Click it and select "Pictures Folder"
  4. Select your background image
  5. Profit!
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Hi Dillmo, thanks for your reply but I don’t have any drop-down menu with "Wallpapers" on the upper right region. I wouldn’t ask if it was so simple, don’t you think? :) When I click on "change background" I can choose only the default ones... – Francesco Jun 30 '13 at 7:18

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