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I guess the a MythTV or MythBuntu backend acts as a "server" for the frontends. I have MythBuntu installed. It runs fine, I can tune live TV, hear the sound, etc. To get this to work, I had to config the Wired Network IP4V settings to Method: Link-Local Only. The Local Backend IP address is: and the info (bottom of screen) says that if there is another frontend, that this IP add. must be changed.

1 - Does this mean changed to the IP address of the 2nd frontend?

2 - What "Method" do I use to make 2 or more frontends?

3 - I have an ethernet switch which currently "sees" the tv signal, sends it to the computer's ethernet port where Mythbuntu makes use of it.

4 - How do I set up the Myth to send it's output (the tv shows) to both televisions? If you know of a How-To, or website, please give the URL or identifying keywords.

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