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I just downloaded Xubuntu and created a bootable usb as mention in the website using startup disk creator then I checked the priority of booting and the first was uefi:usb flash....

Then a menu showed up listing four options 1-try 2- install 3-for manufacturer 4-detect disk or something like that.

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Please see a doctor. – Naveen Jun 29 '13 at 16:47
  1. Once you boot into the USB, select Try Xubuntu Before Installing. This is almost always the best option because it allows you to be sure Xubuntu works before you install it.
  2. Play around in it and make sure things like wifi work.
  3. Run the installation program on your desktop.
  4. Go through the installation process and, when you get there, tell Xubuntu to install alongside your operating system if you want to have both installed, or to wipe the disk and install if you just want Xubuntu.
  5. Let it finish the installation and reboot.

  1. If your computer does not boot into GRUB (the Xubuntu bootloader), reboot into your live USB with the Try Xubuntu Before Installing option and run sudo apt-get install boot-repair && sudo boot-repair.
  2. Select the Recommended Repair.
  3. Follow the instructions you are given.
  4. Reboot.

Now Xubuntu should be installed and work like a charm.

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