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I am new to ubuntu. I've just downloaded 'netbeans ide 7.3' for linux and 'jdk 7'. but don't know how to install them. please tell me proper step by step procedure on installing these application.

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For .deb files

copy the application to home terminal shortcut->ctrl+alt+t.And type

dpkg -i application-name.deb

For sources such as tar.gz

  1. Extract the archive and copy that folder to home directory.

  2. Open terminal and type.

cd name-of-the-folder



in case there is no configure file then use





sudo make install


sudo ldconfig

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  1. Extract jdk-7
  2. Make file executable: right-click on file > Properties > Permissions Tab > Allow
  3. run the below command on terminal (CTRL+ALT+T):
    /Path/To/Netbeans-sh-file --javahome /Path/To/jdk-folder
    Amend the above code according to your pathes
    Press Enter/Return key
  4. Waiting... > Customize button > Choose your desires
  5. you know ...
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