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I have ubuntu server on a computer with a wireless and hardwired nic card. The wireless needs to get the internet and pass it to the ubuntu server as well as pass it along to the hardwired nic card to more computers. I am having issues getting the basic set up as I believe the route table is grabbing from the wrong nic card.

The router is and the server is set to on the wireless card through DHCP

ETH0 (wired nic card) is set up to be and the server is

I am not a linux or networking guru but basically I am trying to have internet come from a guest network i believe to give internet to the ubuntu server then the ubuntu server will also A) have the wired nic serve DHCP addresses to other computers via a switch or router (that acts as a switch) via addresses. And I would love if it also passed along internet capabilities as well if possible.

Bu really at this point my hope is to at least get the internet working on the server and the DHCP to pass correctly.

At the moment the specific issue I am having is getting ubuntu server to connect to the internet and have both nic cards up and running correctly. Any help would be appreciated!

The route table is as follows:

Destination     Gateway      GM               Flags   Metric   Iface           UG      100     eth0      U        0     eth0          U       0     eth0
1992.168.1.0   U      0       eth1

My interfaces is set up as follows:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

auto eth1
iface eth1 inet dhcp
wpa-driver wext
wpa-ssid "ssid_name"
wpa-ap-scan 1
wpa-proto wpa
wpa-pairwise ccmp
wpa-group ccmp
wpa-key-mgmt wpa-psk
wpa-psk "HASH"

My DHCPD.conf (as there is a domain name server on here is as follows):

ddns-update-style none
default-lease-time 600
max-lease-time 7200
option domain-name "Kamron's Network"
option subnet-mask
option broadcast-address
option routers
option domain-name-server
ooption subnet netmask {

log-facility local7
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!is this your topology you want is that your topology you want or can you give me the topology of your network. because i dont know what your situation clearly – astrajingga Jun 29 '13 at 3:53

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