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I've tried to draw the plan with dia, gimp and inkscape, but that was too dificult for me. Is there better drawing tool for that?

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Try OpenOffice/LibreOffice Draw. It is installed by default, in the Graphics menu.

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A CAD tool would be most appropriate. I played around with PythonCAD, SagCAD, and QCad Community Edition to see what they were like:

  • Drawing in PythonCAD was straightforward, but it had trouble printing or exporting to a printable format.
  • SagCAD's interface came across as bizarre and unintuitive. It looks like it's more oriented toward 3D sketching.
  • QCad Community Edition worked well. I suggest giving it a try.

All of these are available in the Ubuntu Software Center.

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A ruler and a pen? Inkscape is the easiest IMO

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