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I recently installed Ubuntu on my home PC. How do I connect to my employer's network via remote desktop like I used to do when I ran XP?

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Remmina Install remmina remote desktop is the pre-installed remote desktop app in Ubuntu.

  • Start Remmina by typing it in the Dash.
  • Select New Connection
  • Provide a name and select the RDP-Windows Terminal Service
  • Provide all the data you used to use on your XP machine to connect to your employers computer in the basic tab.
  • Click connect

You can find a step by step guide with screenshots here.

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you are totally right.. I'll edit.. – Bart.a Jun 28 '13 at 7:31

You can use for example rdesktop to connect to a remote desktop. Perhaps you have to install this application first.

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You can use a vnc server to share your desktop. Next you will need a vnc client at the other end, something like Remmina (preinstalled) for ubuntu or RealVNC for windows.

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