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Okay, so for starters, hi. :P I'm a -complete- Ubuntu noob, so please be gentle in your criticism, and if you find a glaringly obvious error, please point it out! :D But don't pull your hair out, okay? All right—here's my actual question:

To make a long story short, I recently converted my laptop from Windows to Ubuntu, because we did a system restore, the windows install got corrupted, and things were lost. After we picked ourselves back up, I still needed this computer, so I decided to try out Linux. Never had before, heard good things about it, decided to give it a shot.

After falling in love with Ubuntu's functionality (once I got used to the new interface and layout), I wanted to try some games. Discovering I needed WINE to run anything Windows-based, I downloaded it and fired it up. Nothing worked. So I poked around the web some more and discovered I'd need DirectX to do anything significant, which in turn needed .NET framework. Using this (http://www.dedoimedo.com/games/wine-directx.html) tutorial for DirectX and downloading Wine 3.5 off of WineTricks, I thought I had everything sorted. Unfortunately, I don't. What worked fine on Windows either doesn't work or runs like it was stuck in molasses. Now, I know there are a lot of programs that have compatibility issues with WINE, and I'm working my way through them, but what I don't understand is the slow-running programs part. Here are my system specs (insofar as I've been able to decipher them—still getting used to the new Linux way of reading stuff):

Toshiba Satellite L455D-S5976
CPU: AMD Sempron SI-42 Single-core 2.1 GHz
RAM: 3GB (2.7 technically)
HDD: 500GB
GPU:  ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3100

Here's a partial list of the games I've been trying:

  • Supreme Commander
  • Command and Conquer: Generals (Zero-Hour)
  • Assassin's Creed
  • World in Conflict
  • Star Ruler (Blind Mind Studios)
  • Trackmania (Nadeo)
  • Battlefield 2
  • X3:Terran Conflict (Egosoft)
  • Rubber Ninjas Sim City 4

I would think that it was just my system being slow—because, admittedly, I don't have the system requirements to really run AC—but here's the weird part, at least with that game. In the opening intro, it'll run at around 10FPS for about 3 seconds, and then kick up to—oh I dunno—60 or so, faster than it ever had on my previous laptop which was actually better than this current one. And, for example, games like Rubber Ninjas, C&C, SupCom, and WiC all ran smoothly on my first laptop which was similarly specced to this one—in fact, I think it was another Toshiba Satellite, actually.

Oh! And another quick question—when I first installed WINE, unconfigured, I installed Derek Smart's Universal Combat (don't shoot me :P ), and it worked fine. Now after some other games and some reconfiguring, it won't work at all, even if I reset to default settings.

So, am I doing something wrong? Does WINE need to be configured differently? I'm completely lost, here, and any help would be -greatly- appreciated, thank you. I do sincerely apologize for the wall of text, here, but I didn't want to leave any detail out, as that tends to make things harder for all parties involved. So, thanks so much for any help you can provide, or even a direction to point me in; I'll eagerly await your answer.

P.S: I recently discovered ClockGen, found here (http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/overclocking-a-toshiba-satellite-laptop.32667/): and was wondering, is overclocking a viable solution? I don't remember what command I used to find my CPU speed—but it said my current speed was 2100MHz (aka 2.1 gigs), but the kicker was that my “max” speed was 4,000 MHz. Now, I would never DREAM of overclocking a laptop, or even a desktop, to that ridiculous speed, but even if I could get 2.4 or 5 out of it...and I would take full responsibility for the wrath I incur from the laptop gods. I would never run this thing unplugged—I don't anyway already so a battery's pretty much moot for me...and I have a high-speed fan running under any laptop at all times—scorched my pants with my first laptop and have been wary ever since.

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Wine isn't made for games. You can try plying game with wine but it will be very slow or it will have some problems.

You can try PlayOnLinux. See of that helps.

Download PlayOnLinux in the software center.

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PlayOnLinux is a graphical launcher for WINE. –  soulsource Jun 28 '13 at 10:17
Thanks Android--I'll give it a shot--DLing PlayOnLinux right now. –  user170867 Jun 28 '13 at 17:44
ummm. WINE is made for Windows programs and will have varying levels of success. It will run some games and some office programs. FYI; PlayOnLInux is just a GUI for WINE and scripts that make it easier to install and remove/manage programs(each program install in it's own "bottle" so that each program thinks it's in it's own Windows install, this makes it easier to add the support programs, i.e. DirectX. It does not allow you to run any program that WINE does not run, it just allows the custom settings you need to not interfere with another custom setting. –  TrailRider Jun 29 '13 at 14:17
Note; I am not disputing that PlayonLinus can make installing an running games easier, I am only bring up the fact that to say WINE is not made for games and then to refer to PlayOnLinux makes the answer a bit self contradictory and so inaccurate. ;) –  TrailRider Jun 29 '13 at 14:22

Run the game through the terminal using opengl wine /path/to/file/filename.exe --opengl

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This works maybe for some games (WoW and WC3), but many games do not support standard graphics APIs but use the proprietary Direct3D instead. –  soulsource Jun 28 '13 at 10:18
I'll give this a shot too--if PoL doesn't end up working as advertised, this can certainly be something I'll try. –  user170867 Jun 28 '13 at 17:45

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