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I am trying to download Minecraft and I get a black screen. I have already updated lwjgl to version 2.9.0. I have Ubuntu 13.04.

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Can you post the error log in the .minecraft folder? That will help identify the problem. Are you using 32 bit or 64? Did you fallow the directions at when updating lwjgl? if you are using a 64 bit computer, the lwjgl64.dll update will cause a black screen crash. This i a known issue.

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Please don't add comments as answers. Invest some time in the site and you will gain sufficient privileges to upvote answers you like, or to add actual comments when seeking clarification of any issues. – edwin Aug 9 '13 at 21:47

I had this same issue until I realized I had updated the .jars but forgot to update the natives. You might want to try that and see if it helps.

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Please provide more details and expand your answer. How did you this? – edwin Aug 9 '13 at 21:19

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