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Where I can find the source code for fade out animation when the computer is inactive for x minutes?

I guess that it somewhere in /usr/share/gnome-shell/js/ui but I want to find the line.

enter image description here

Note - this question is NOT a duplicate of this:

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I don't think you're looking in the right way. The respective effect of fade out is realised by gnome-screensaver. Now, you can check (with which gnome-screensaver in terminal) that you have installed on your system gnome-screensaver, but the problem is that this is the compiled version, so no sources on your system in this sense.

But, don't worry, you can download gnome-screensaver source package from Launchpad: The source code of fade out effect can be found in gs-fade.c and gs-fade.h files from src directory:


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Please add how to download sources, compile them and install them on my system. Thanks! – Ionică Bizău Jun 28 '13 at 6:01
@Johnツ Well, this is the direct link for download:… (you can find it in the link that I gave you in the answer). To install, follow this post: Installing applications from source – Radu Rădeanu Jun 28 '13 at 6:38

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