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I am newbee in Ubuntu and recently switched to it from windows in order to work on Hadoop & Hbase. Few days back I successfully installed Ubuntu through wubi in the same partition where windows locate and also made environment for hadoop successfully. But due to some reasons I had to reinstall windows 7, however of course I didn't want to loose my data of ubuntu, so I backuped my wubi/ubuntu folder into my external Hard disk so that I can restore it when I would be done with new windows. So now I have reinstalled windows 7 and I have also installed wubi in different partition successfully. Now I want to restore my wubi backup data into my current wubi installation so that I don't need to configure anything.

In this regards, I am following this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1796794 to restore my previous wubi installation.

In this thread, Rubi1200 suggest that "select Ubuntu from the GRUB menu and press "e" to edit." but in my case I don't see grub menu but Instead I see windows boot loader. My question is how can I show grub menu in order to follow the steps mentioned in a given thead.

Please suggest me solution step by step as I am novice in ubuntu. I hope I have explained my question well in order to get accurate response.

Thanks In Adavance.

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Hold down the Shift key after selecting Ubuntu. This will make the Grub menu appear. Note, if the partition hasn't changed, you should be able to just swap in your backup root.disk over the new one. –  bcbc Jun 27 '13 at 16:29
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