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I've decided to install Ubuntu on a Hard Drive to run programs on, etc., so that my family is not "bothered" with them.

I purchased a 1TB HD, that is accessible through USB 1/2/3, and I've decided to run it externally. Here's my ideal situation...

Turn on the computer. Windows will automatically load, unless I press, F12, select boot from USB. I've partitioned the Hard Drive into three four sections. One for Ubuntu and system files, one for "Swap" (still new to Ubuntu...not sure what that is so I gave it 50GB), one for general file storage, like a flash drive, and one with the rest of my storage on it.

I've created a CD, and plan to install just to the separate Hard Drive. Here are my partitions:

sdb1 (~400GB for Ubuntu) sdb2 (~300GB for File Storage) sdb3 (~50GB For Swap) sdb4 (~The rest)

It's asking me where to put my bootloader. Does it need its own partition? Does it have to be on the same one as Ubuntu's being installed on?

Thanks, Adam Yakes Novice

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If you put it on the MBR of the USB drive then it will run when the computer boots off the drive. Another option is to put it on the first partition and then mark the first partition "active"; the legacy bootloader in the MBR will chain to the bootloader on the partition.

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