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I installed Ubuntu last Friday, because I grew tired of W8. After using it for a little while, I noticed that my HD videos won't play smoothly. So I ventured to install the nvidia drivers to benefit from "vdpau", since it seems to be the solution. (My graphics card is recent and supports it.)

This has been exhausting. I've been doing it for two days. I had black screens, no launchers, and lots of bad stuff. Anyway, after uninstalling nvidia drivers and reinstalling them in a different way hundreds of times, I've managed to install them. I eventually uninstalled everything and used bumblebee only (in case it helps you solve my problem or for people having a hard time installing their nvidia drivers).

So here I am now, apparently my graphics card is working. Even though I'm not quite sure of that^^. If I run: optirun glxspheres, it runs smoothly, and it tells me it was run by my nvidia card. It even got the card name right (GeForce GT 650M). However if I run: optirun nvidia-detector, the output is none. So I have no idea if the thing is actually installed.

Anyway now I'm back to my first issue: playing HD videos. The thing is I can't make vdpau work. I did install it via apt-get install libvdpau1. The problem is that

optirun vdpauinfo


display: :0.0   screen: 0
Xlib:  extension "NV-GLX" missing on display ":0.0".
Xlib:  extension "NV-GLX" missing on display ":0.0".
Error creating VDPAU device: 1

So I cry for help now. After losing two days "installing" nvidia drivers, (and battling a whole night to install Ubuntu alongside W8 just a few days ago), I have no more idea on how to solve the problem. Just please don't make me reinstall the whole thing :)

I guess it's just a library issue, maybe a broken link.. Does anyone have any idea on this?

Thank you kindly ! Regards,

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