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This is more of a general question, but can pertain to Ubuntu in general.

Are all distros as secure as can be out of the box or can the distro creators create them insecure?

What I mean is, if I get the number one distro on distrowatch or the very last one, could the creator have a keylogger or malware running right off the bat?

I understand getting the last one on distrowatch is more of a farfetched example, but with less people on it, there will be less people testing it.

Or am I understanding what a distro is wrong?

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IMO your question is very broad and not well suited to the Q&A format used here. You could try the Ubuntu forums. Security does vary by distro, you should look at the various security policies. For example Fedora uses SELinux, but Fuduntu, which is based on Fedora, disables selinux. Most small distros pull from larger repositories, most distros use Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, Slackware, or a major respoitory as a base and modify. Of course modfications can affect security updates, and small distros may be slower to respond to security patches. – bodhi.zazen Jun 25 '13 at 17:26
@bodhi.zazen hey , good to see you. I got this. – Raja Jun 26 '13 at 1:21

I agree with you. If any distro creator making his own distro then he will definitely create the distro as flexible to him because he is creating his own distro . Take an example like , If you have a friend who is master in Linux & you asked him about an ISO of linux distro then by using many tools available now a days he can give you a distro which looks exactly as official distro but its not. He can modify it as by putting some hidden scripts or applications or something else which can help him to know much about you and your work in that OS .

What I am suggesting now ?

  • Always get the distro's from the Official websites and they are secure to us and our information.
  • If you are a serious worker then always try & use the best OS's . dont give any trails with new OS's on your serious work.
  • Go for the distro which is providing the good support for his user.

Last & Final thing. You are responsible for your actions.

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