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I have installed ubuntu touch in my galaxy nexus. But now I want to transfer some files from computer to it. When I connect to windows pc, errors in MTP, and when connect to linux minty, not detecting at all. Now i have no way to transfer files. Please help.

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Ubuntu Touch does not support mtp file transfer yet. The best way to transfer files is via sftp. Here is how to enable and use sftp:

(Before starting make sure your nexus is connected to the same LAN as your desktop)

1 - Install OpenSSH

Open terminal on ubuntu desktop with your nexus devices connected via usb and run these commands in this order:

1st: sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb

2nd: sudo adb root

3rd: adb shell

3.5th.. If you are using the developer preview ubuntu_chroot (If you don't know, it can't hurt to try this step.)

4th: apt-get install openssh-server

2 - Connect to nexus via sftp

1st: Open nautilus (the file manager) in ubuntu desktop and press ctrl+L to open the address bar

2nd: Enter sftp://phablet@YOURNEXUSIP into the address bar. (obviously replace YOURNEXUSIP with the ip address of your nexus which you can find by logining into the adb shell and running ifconfig

3rd: When prompted for a password enter phablet

4th: If you did everything correctly you should now have access to the root file system as the user "phablet"

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To install SSH (on Ubuntu Touch), try (Step 4.) sudo apt-get install openssh-server. Its not openssh (client) you need, that is already present. I use SSH and SFTP all the time, for Touch 13.10 beta (on Nexus 7). – david6 Jun 30 '13 at 9:38
I believe openssh will install both openssh-client and openssh-server packages but i'll change the instructions just to be sure. – leszakk Jun 30 '13 at 20:48

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