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I started with Ubuntu Server and then added the desktop. I tried a very easy password to go with root, when I tried installing for the second time. This root password, which I know I had it right, would not work. I could use the sudo command though. Anyway, I decided to try Kubuntu, liking the way it looked and the reviews I read. I don't think I was asked to create any user names during installation other than the one I setup named bruce. Here is where it gets strange. Suddenly, the password I have setup for myself, is not working. Anything that requires a sudo privilege, I cannot do.

Strangely, it boots up to the desktop without asking for login details. The only thing I can think of doing is reinstalling the OS. Mainly, I was wanting Linux because some of the apps I was using or things I was trying to accomplish as a web developer, I was told I would have more luck with Linux. My very new MB and CPU on my main development pc would not run VirtualBox. It had a problem with the cpu when I tried to install Ubuntu. I tried different versions of the OS but got the same error. That's why I wanted to use the second computer. So, the main issue is getting the Linux Ubuntu/Kubuntu (the latter I like best) to work with my password. Oh, it is a Dell Pentium D based system. There seems to be a display issue also. I have hooked up a flat panel after having problems with a CRT monitor. Sometimes it goes blank and I cannot get it to stay on.
(I guess I should have setup a profile before I posted this so I wouldn't be user169976. Any suggestions on the Linux issue, Thanks in advance, Bruce

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