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I have more than 150 ubuntu systems connected in a network. Can someone suggest me a good monitoring software to monitor all these systems?? Like i wanna check what are all the ips are up and what are all the ips are down etc etc..

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Another option I've seen used at several different shops is xymon .

It was originally a clone of the now non-free "big brother" then changed to "hobbit monitor", before mutating into xymon Install xymon .

It is something like nagios, though in my opinion probably more simple, generally just showing up or down states. It is very extensible through scripting, however.

xymon monitor up and down systems

In addition to nagios, other well-known applications include OpenNMS and Zenoss.

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Canonical sells licenses to its software called Landscape. Free trials are available.

Landscape is an easy-to-use systems management and monitoring service. Manage multiple Ubuntu machines as easily as one and lower your management and administration costs.

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Any free packages??? – karthick87 Mar 20 '11 at 18:19
How did I know you'd say that? ;) Not that I know of, but I expect someone else will be able to answer. – 8128 Mar 20 '11 at 18:31
+1 here..Let me wait and check for another response from someone else.. – karthick87 Mar 20 '11 at 18:33

Try nagios, this is great for server management. This software is also free.

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We use puppet in conjunction with foreman at our workplace to perform automated deployment and post configuration. It also happens to allow for reporting based on customisable "facts".

Currently the puppet agent on each of our workstations and servers is reporting every 30min, back to our puppetmaster.

Our next tool on this chain will be graphite (and therefore statsd)

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