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I have an HP laptop with 2 partitions: C: and D:, with windows 7 installed in the C: drive and D: is the Recovery partition.

When I try to install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS using Wubi, it only shows the C: drive for installing and not the D: drive where I wanted to format and install ubuntu.

So, if I go ahead and install in the C: drive where windows 7 is already installed, would Wubi erase windows 7? Or it will just install Ubuntu as a program in windows?

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No, wubi runs under windows. So it won't remove the host OS.

It is like running virtual system.

Know more -

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Not quite... It doesn't run under Windows per se, and I wouldn't (personally) call it a virtualisation either. To my knowledge it's pretty much the equivalent of a full installation, but using a virtual partition instead of a real one (so the only sense in which it "runs under Windows" is that it stores its data within a file on an NTFS filesystem, rather than needing its own drive). You're correct that it doesn't remove the host system, though. – Jez W Jun 25 '13 at 16:43

or it will just install ubuntu as a program in windows??

Indeed. Wubi will install it as a program in Windows. This will make Ubuntu slower and dependent on Windows.

If you don't want to install as a program in Windows, you should follow these instructions.

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