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usually, the video I played on YouTube completed I can find it on temp folder, but now nothing inside there after being played completely.

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Take a look at this, posted here for your convenience:

You can use Mobile Media Converter, which will do this task with ease in 32 bit systems. If you are using a 64 bit version of Ubuntu you may wish to follow this thread in order to make this software install into a 64 bit system. The producers haven't delivered yet a 64 bit version, but the 32 bit will download videos for youtube as in a native 32 bit system.

Additionally, take a look at this: youtube-dl error, please help in this to resolve

Pasted here for your convenience:

If you are interested on obtaining the video take a look at this, other way look into another answer in order to see if you can solve your problem with youtube-dl. Thank you.

Notwithstanding that youtube-dl is great in a terminal, there are several ways to gather the videos from the youtube buffer, one of which is the usage of totem in order to play the video and then extract the buffered video from the /tmp folder.

In the past (and depending on how updated is your system: maybe your case), the buffered videos were saved into the /tmp folder also by some browsers (Google Chrome and Chromium Browser tested by me), but somehow after updating that behaviour simply stopped.

When watching the videos or simply by open it to allow the buffer to increase via web browser, now they are saved into the /home/USERNAME/.cache/google-chrome/Default/Cache folder. (where USERNAME is your username or home folder name).

As I said before, the usage of totem is yet observing this behaviour.

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Depending on flash version and the player used on the web site, the video is stored in the browser cache folder. However, depending on the space allocated for the cache, the video might be deleted after downloading. Additionally, if you are viewing a video that uses rtsp, then it won't be stored anywhere. is not the case for YouTube tho. The video should be in the browser cache folder.

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It depends on the browser and on the version of flash player you use. On Chrome with flash 10, it is usually under ~/.cache/google-chrome/Cache; similarly for Firefox, it is ~/.mozilla/firefox/<id>.default/Cache.

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ok thanks, but as I know basically after the video completely I played on youtube i will find it on temp folder. but since I updated my ubuntu, the video isn't there anymore. and I only can download it manually via DownThemAll – ok comp Mar 20 '11 at 15:46

Youtube videos are usually cached in /tmp for me. I'm using:

  • Firefox 4 RC 2
  • Chromium 11.0.662.0 (73963)
  • Shockwave Flash 10.1.102
  • Ubuntu 10.04 upgraded from 9.10 and 9.04 (at least).
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There are some changes for Flash 10.2 . Using this script from Webupd8 I can locate the files ( in /proc/ ) and play them in an external player.

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