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During installation it does not give me the option to "run alongside windows" instead the pop up box gives these options:

  3. USE LVM

really am quite new at this and dont know how to manually partition or attach root files which is what the "SOMETHING ELSE" choice does.

Everyone I have talked to and the Ubuntu manual says it gives you a choice to "run alongside windows", does anyone know how to remedy this problem?

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take a look at the anwers of this and this question – Wouter Jun 22 '13 at 21:32

You did not mention which windows version you have. How many partitions in your computer?.

  1. If windows system partition is in some other partition other than C: drive ubuntu installer will not detect Windows OS.

  2. If windows system is in C: drive. Open windows disk management and shrink C drive around 50GB and leave the 50GB disk space as unallocated(Don't format the free space).

  3. If Windows disk management not allowed to shrink C: drive around 50GB then use Easeus Partition Master free tool. you can download from this link:

  4. Now run the ubuntu installer. I hope you will get the option "Install alongside windows".

  5. If you are done, Just reply it will be helpful for others and don't forget to click star.

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