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I need help. i recently built a computer using parts in my house. this computer does not currently have an os. so i would like to set up the BIOS so that it would install it automatically. Here is it's specs OS:None HDD:160 GB RAM: 2 GB CPU:Intel Pentium 4@2.66 GHZ

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You will need to create a USB stick or DVD using another computer. Once you have done that however just follow the instructions here: How do I install Ubuntu? – Warren Hill Jun 22 '13 at 19:54

That hardware should work fine, but you'll need to set your BIOS to boot from a (1) USB drive, (2) a DVD drive, or, worst case, (3) a CD which will do just enough of an install to get online and finish the job. The only reason you'd choose (3) is if your hardware won't boot from a USB and only includes a CD drive, not a DVD.

You'll need to download the .iso file, then create a bootable image on the USB or DVD. Simply copying the .iso file to a DVD or USB will not do. Assuming you're using Windows for this step on another system, you'll need software to do this. unetbootin has a Windows version and is free. Google is your friend.

When you've got the bootable DVD or USB, boot to it. Try to have a WIFI card installed, or ethernet plugged in. Play around with it, get online. When you're ready, double click on the Install icon on the desktop, and follow directions. You'll want to take over the whole hard drive. Don't be shy about starting over and re-installing a couple of times, there are several options you have to choose from, like whole-disk encryption, that you'll wish you'd chosen otherwise.

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