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I'm new to Ubuntu. I've downloaded Ubuntu 12.04 twice now, and installed it onto my Lacie external hard-drive, using the Universal USB installer. My computer operates the 64 bit version. On the welcome screen I can choose between Windows 7 and Ubuntu. I click on Ubuntu, the purple screen appears but then disappears and the computer turns off. I then tried loading it onto C drive with the same result.

I'm now downloading 13.04 to see if this works better. I'm not a computer-wize so if somebody could suggest where I've gone wrong that would be appreciated.

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Usually, a "C drive" is the property of some version of the Windows OS, and messing with it (or, as you call it, "loading") is not a good idea. It doesn't really matter where you download an Ubuntu ISO file to, but be careful, when selecting the "installation" target in UUI. Do not select the C driver as target! –  mikewhatever Jun 22 '13 at 12:07
Have you downloaded the .iso file from the official Ubuntu site? Please check that the downloaded .iso has the same md5 sum/signature as the one provided on the site. –  hmayag Jun 22 '13 at 13:24
I just realized that you installed with universal usb installer. Dude you have just created a live usb on your external drive. You don't have a "proper" installation. I suggest you make a live cd if you have an optical drive, or a live usb on a spare usb pen drive ( even 1GB will do) and boot from that. Then select "Install Ubuntu" from the menu and select your Lacie external hdd as a target. That way you'll get a full install on your external hdd. –  hmayag Jun 22 '13 at 13:37
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