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Is there a way to fix the annoying fact that the top of most windows when opened are hidden underneath the top Ubuntu panel. Meaning when I start an application like firefox, Chromium or Thunderbird for instance each time I have to Alt-Right Click and drag the window down to be able to see and acces the top menu items in the mentioned programs. So it's solvable, but remains a nuisance that a new Firefox window (as example) doesn't open below the top ubuntu panel. Is there a way to make the panel 'solid'? That nothing can be under them??

Did a few tests; for music I use Audacious and somehow Ubuntu remmebers that Audacious should be center screen. So no problem there. But all programs with larger windows (allmost full screen like Firefox and Thunderbird in my case) open with the top hidden underneath the top Ubuntu panel. And the same (regardless window-size) is the case for programs I barely use/never open. Just tested this with Rubyripper (haven't ripped a cd in years). Everything opens in the top left corner off the screen with the top under the top panel.

Any tips?? My Gnome version is 3.6.3. The computer is a HP Compaq nc6320 laptop and I've done distribution upgrades starting with 11.04. I (think) I restored the gnome 3 settings to theri defaults by deleting the gnome2, .gconf and .gconfd folders and logging out an back into the Xserver again. And followed this: How can I reset compiz to the default settings? for Compiz, but the issue remains.[In Compiz Settings manager there is a plugin Window Rules, perhaps some parameters must be changed there, but I've no idea which..]

This question has been asked before, see: Window top panel hidden (12.04) and Top of the window hidden beneath panel (10.04) So different Ubuntu versions and the answers are 'drag the windows downwards' which is not a solution but a quick temporary fix. [If screenshots are required and I can post them somewhere; will do..]

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This may be an existing bug. –  david6 Jun 22 '13 at 8:28

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