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I installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my partitioned hard disc:

/dev/sda1   ntfs   Windows
/dev/sda2   ntfs   Backup Disk
/dev/sda3   ext4   Ubuntu 12.04

I can boot from Ubuntu and Windows via Grub. Now, I decided to remove the Ubuntu since I'm always stuck with getting the driver to work properly on my Radeon HD 7770 (always causing boot failure). I cannot find ways to uninstall it (there is an option in the installer where Remove Ubuntu 12.04 and reinstall it but that does suits), so I decided to delete the Ubuntu partition in /dev/sda3 thinking it would solve the problem.

However, when I restarted my desktop the GRUB (purple background) still shows the Ubuntu, Memory Test, Windows (loader). I want to remove this so that my desktop will boot directly from Windows.

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You can the steps from this link:
Removing GRUB from windows system after uninstalling from withing windows
You can also see
You can create a system repair disc in windows 7.Use that disc to boot. You can also launch recovery options by pressing F8 repeatedly before the windows boot logo appears.

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Thanks, too bad I don't have the Windows 7 DVD with me here. – Defensor Jun 22 '13 at 4:25

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