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If I have dolphin open and I'm working in the terminal or on Windows files might be moved or added. How would I go about to make sure it updates the status of a directory of real time?

Presently I cannot even use back to update and constantly have to reopen dolphin, verry annoying

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To refresh the view press F5. – Uri Herrera Jun 22 '13 at 4:02
Thanks works. Now if only someone had a solution for real time updating. – user140393 Jun 22 '13 at 4:07

I agree this is a problem with Dolphin. I don't use it, but was testing some bash scripts I wrote on a KDE VM and discovered that although Dolphin does real time updating when in the home folder, it doesn't do it when on /dev/shm. I found your question here and upvoted, because this still needs to be answered.

What I resorted to using in my script is: xdotool key 'F5'

Which worked for my script, but isn't exactly real time. My script generates a bunch of files and you can't see it happening, but as soon as done, it "presses" 'F5' and the files are visible.

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