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Possible Duplicate:
How to open the Unity dash when hitting the top left corner of the screen?

Gnome Shell gives uses the option of flicking the left upper corner with the mouse to achieve the same result as clicking ACTIVITIES. Will Unity give users the same option with respect to revealing the launcher? Can users move the mouse to the left upper corner instead of the left edge?

(There is a separate question for opening the dash with the same action.)

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Try this:

  • Install xdotool (a program that allows you to simulate X11 keyboard/mouse input).
  • Run ccsm (the CompizConfig Settings Manager).
  • Activate the Commands plugin (probably will crash Unity, do Ctrl + Alt + F1, log in, run unity --replace, press Ctrl + Alt + F7).
  • In the Commands tab, enter the following command:

    xdotool key super

    enter image description here

  • In the Edge Bindings tab, click on None and activate the top-left corner:

    enter image description here

Now you should be able to open the Dash by moving your mouse to the top-left corner. Works fine here, I just don't know how this will affect fullscreen applications. In the General Options plugin options, there's a delay for the edge triggering (Edge Trigger Delay), so you can add some delay to prevent accidental activation.

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