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Have a small home network, where a MG5350 is attached as network printer, but also having a A3 iX6500 USB-connected direct to my Lubuntu PC (13.04) for art printouts. But 75% of my photo and art printouts just get processed for a while, nothing printed and no error messages. Independent which printer. To this, most photos printed, perfect when printed via my work Win7 crate to the iX, gets dark, muddy and coarse under Lubuntu.

25 % of the printouts, mostly documents, is printed OK, though any included pictures in a text (doing a newsletter small hobby association) often also gets to dark.

Find this behavior erratic and irritating.

Since some stuff, migrating to Lubuntu, have been very positive (my astro programs Registax and DSS being many time more stable under wine than under XP), my older PC working better than it would with Win7, I am reluctant to move back. But the printer issues and some very irritating smaller stuff, like the file management windows in the applications or the poor file managers, being much poorer than those in Windows, may force me back to Windows.

I hope someone can tip me how to get more stable and better printouts, since I cannot continue downloading them onto my work-PC, then connect that and print out. I am using the exact same printer config details in Win7, as in Lubuntu.

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