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So, I wasn't using Linux for awhile (I was playing a lot of non-Linux games) and came back to Linux once I started getting back into my development work.

I rebooted my computer, and everything started up OK. I logged in, tried to open Konsole and found myself back at the login screen. I proceeded to try the KDE menu, also back to login screen. After either of these scenarios, I could not restart from the login window, but had to use a TTY and sudo reboot.

I should note, I could open Firefox, Dolphin and show the plasma widgets for networking, but anything else that I got to try failed.

I wish I could give a bit more information, but here is going off what I know:


  • Nvidia card running proprietary drivers (dual monitor setup, GTX 460 Fermi)
  • Using wired internet through motherboard
  • Linksys Wireless card installed, although not used


  • Kubuntu 13.04 installed
  • All packages are up-to-date, standard install + steam, few games, and C++ developer tools
  • Kernel upgrade failed to the most recent update, not sure why
  • kubuntu-backports repository is installed for most recent Qt version (needed for projects)

Procedures tried:

  1. Restarting the computer, multiple times
  2. Regenerating xorg.conf through nvidia-settings
  3. Removing ~/.kde to bring it all back to stock
  4. Installing newest edition of kscreen, that made the least changes of all of them..

I'd really like to avoid a complete reinstall as getting back custom settings is annoying, and downloading all the software is a bit of a load on my network (there's about 75GB of softwares I'd have to redownload).

Any help is appreciated!

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I figured this requires an answer, I could not find a solution, and I ended up reinstalling Kubuntu.

I previously setup my machine to use separate home partitions, so it was not a big problem for me, just unfortunate effort.

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