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So I was facing weird graphics drivers issues due to the default nouveau drivers that came installed with Ubuntu 10.10 hence I installed the latest nVidia graphics drivers & the weird graphics issues stopped happening. So far so good, but when I tried to shut down the laptop it got stuck at the window with text

15, shutting down...
modem-manager: Caught signal 15, shutting down...
init: Disconnected from system us
init: dbus main process (1107) killed by TERM signal

And this happens I tried updating the kernel and any/all drivers through update manager but it still happens. Not only this even the startup screen is totally screwed up. It just displays Ubuntu 10.10 in text with 3 dots. But that is acceptable. To power cycle down the laptop each and everytime for shutdown is not. Same goes for when I try to restart.

Interesting thing is if I try to shutdown the laptop when I am on the login screen it does so without any problems.

I googled & many people seem to face the same issue but I couldn't find any silver bullet hoping to find one here.

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definitely a driver issue, the reason it doesn't evidence itself on the login screen is that it's still using the old plymouth driver(generic) and not the REAL driver for whatever. file a bug with the driver ppl for your particular case – RobotHumans Mar 20 '11 at 17:46
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Ok. I think I figured out to resolve this. I can't believe it is so simple. Just went to this page on Ubuntu Wiki - and then followed the recommended steps for Ubuntu 10.10 & we are all set. Just pasting here steps for reference -

Version 96.43.18 is broken ,Go to System->Administration->Software sources then go to the update's tab--tick proposed update sources--close & refesh. please follow this link for more infomantion

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