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I have a Saumsung 5 Ultrabook preinstalled with Windows 8, and am looking to do away with Windows completely, and install Ubuntu (So far I've been trying with 13.04 64bit). I made my LiveUSB using LiLi, disabled secure boot, disabled fast startup, enabled booting from CSM (I tried the UEFI and CSM option as well as CSM only), and changed the boot priority to go to my USB first. There where however 3 options, usb hdd, usb fdd, and usb cd. I didn't know which one to pick, so I put them all above the windows boot priority. Despite all of this it always boots up windows. The green light does however flicker on my usb when it boots, it that helps at all. I'm at a loss on what to do here, I've tried following everything I can find online. Does anyone have any suggestions?

NOTE: This is getting marked as a duplicate question, but the question that it is apparently a duplicate of is asking about dual booting w/Windows and the asker was able to boot from their LiveUSB. This is not my situation, so I don't understand how this can be a duplicate.

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marked as duplicate by Radu Rădeanu, Kevin Bowen, Eric Carvalho, user68186, Luis Alvarado Jun 19 '13 at 16:32

This question was marked as an exact duplicate of an existing question.

so next time please take the time to read a question before you call it a duplicate. If you want your question reopened the first thing to do is be nice. Have you even looked at the answer to that question? I don't care about the question, but the answer. Also, have you tried manually specifying what device to boot to? – Seth Jun 19 '13 at 22:52

I wiped out Windows 8 on a Dell Inspiron 5720. To get the USB drive to boot I had to add the bootx64.efi file to the BIOS's secure boot options to get the drive to boot up. There will be a file ending in .efi on the usb drive you created from the Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit iso image. I haven't been able to find the layout of the BIOS menus for your laptop to be able to tell you the specific settings.

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