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I'm looking for a GUI-based text/log viewer that will allow to only display lines that contain particular phrases/words/characters. The logs may not necessarily by OS related but from 3rd party applications.

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Lots of good suggestions for you to try in this thread:… – Dean Faber Jun 18 '13 at 21:19
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One suggestion is "glogg", it's available as an Ubuntu package and doesn't have nasty dependencies (Qt4-based).

Another one is ksystemlog, not sure if it does filtering as you require.

Finally I have to ask, why does it have to be GUI? Personally I'd use the old:

tail -f $LOGFILE |grep particular-phrase

there's also swatch which is possibly nicer, though I have never used it.

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Thanks @roadmr Glogg did the trick. – Kendor Jun 18 '13 at 23:47

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