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I installed ubuntu ( edubuntu) from a usb replacing my windows OS. Edubuntu works fine, but I can no longer access the other partition on my hard drive. It's there..I see it using gparted but not when go to the home folder.. left side devices. I just see the partition that ubuntu is installed on. So now I'm thinking I'll boot again with the usb and try fix the problem with the live ubuntu usb but I can't get the computer to boot again from the usb. I already changed the boot order to "external devices"in bios. Anyone have a solution. Gparted says the partition is mounted. thanks

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Boot into Edubuntu and run sudo fdisk -l in the Terminal. Post the output into your question. This will list all the partitions on your HDD and give anyone looking to help a better idea of what's happening. –  Merri Jun 18 '13 at 18:01
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