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System: HP Pavillion Graphics: ATI RADEON FORCE 3D 4550

i have tried to install Ubuntu 10.10 from Install/Live DVD and the screen flashes on and off.

Tried in text mode it installed but when booted the screen flashes on and off. Can you help?

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Not sure if you installed the ATI driver or the open source one but according to this page the open source Radeon one should work fine.

Can you select safe mode at Grub and try to uninstall your current driver?

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If you're using a desktop, or a laptop with the ability to use an external monitor, try using a different monitor. Using the open source drivers, my desktop monitor would display "no signal" but once I hooked it up to another monitor, it worked fine. Then when I installed the proprietary ATi drivers, my first monitor worked fine. I'm not sure how common that issue is, but it's worth a try if you have a spare monitor on hand. If there's a way to enable the proprietary drivers before booting from the liveCD, then you could do that instead. I wouldn't know how that's done though.

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