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Update attempt delivers message 'Not enough free disk space' with the recommendation to free up space on /boot. I have tried all the clean up techniques I know, but essentially it is filled with all necessary stuff. What I can't understand is why the /boot volume is limited to only 40mb when there is 800gb free on my hard drive? What should I do about this? Thanks!

I have only Ubuntu installed, but the machine came with Win 8.

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Please check and – thefourtheye Jun 18 '13 at 13:14

Note: This solution involves moving /boot into to the linux root drive (/). It also involve grub-update, hence it is recommended to have a live CD/USB with you.

This is one way to forget about this issue, as all the contents will be moved to the root drive, which will have a much larger size.

  1. Create a new copy of all the contents in /boot with the same permissions

    $ cp -pr /boot /boottemp

  2. Unmount the /boot partition

    $ umount /boot

  3. Comment (add a # in the beginning) the entry corresponding to the /boot partition in file /etc/fstab

  4. Remove the /boot folder

    $ rmdir /boot

  5. Make the /boottemp folder the new boot folder

    $ mv /boottemp /boot

  6. Run grub update

    $ sudo update-grub

  7. Reboot the system

    $ sudo reboot

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