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I have many cursor themes on my system that don't show up in GNOME's list of themes, yet work fine in other desktop environments (XFCE, LXDE, KDE, etc). What can I do to get these to show up? . Is there some way to fix this?

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I don't know if it handles pointers or not, but you could try a GTK appearance app like LXAppearance in lieu of the Gnome theme app.

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I still can't find a fix, but I have a feeling this one won't get far as a bug report in GNOME (it seems to be related to older themes or something, and GNOME is wierd).

So, in light of that, here is the solution I found (not perfect, but at least I can use the theme I want).

  • press alt+f2, type “gconf-editor” and run it.
  • navigate (no need for a map here) to /desktop/gnome/peripherals/mouse
  • double click on the cursor theme entry
  • type the name of the cursor theme you want to use
  • close the editor
  • you may have to log out and in again, depending on your window manager
  • if you are using compiz, the above may be necessary to see the changes in full, even though the theme may appear to be loaded.
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