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is there anyway to package the installed software on the system? i mean without going to/var/cache/apt.. and without downloading anything else, can i use a dpkg command to make a packages from all installed software on my system?

so i can take those packages, put them on a CD, and install them on another system without grabbing files from the cache or using AptonCD.


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Yes, you can use dpkg-repack to accomplish this.

  1. Install dpkg-repack Install dpkg-repack and fakeroot Install fakeroot (to avoid being root to repackage). Or from the terminal:

    sudo apt-get install dpkg-repack fakeroot
  2. Repackge installed package

    fakeroot -u dpkg-repack <package name>

And you'll find the package in the current directory.

Note that any changes on the system on the package after it has been installed will be reflected in the repackaged version!

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