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Im having a hard time reading in blue colored text, whenever i work using cli, directory colors are by default blue or so, my co-worker changed it to blue.

how can i easily change the directory color only? like turn it to red or yellow, so it stands out and not hurt my eyes. blue text and black background makes me uncomfortable.

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Your co-worker changed it to blue? It's by default blue (as you just mentioned)... What did you mean by that? I'm assuming you mean directory color in ls? Also, you could try using a white background (it makes things so much easier for me ^^) – MiJyn Jun 18 '13 at 2:41

Doing a quick google search (and some testing), I found out this solution:

So more or less, set the LS_COLORS environment variable to something like di=31;1 (for red) or di=33;1 for yellow.

Here is a list of colors (the part after di=) you can use:

Also, check this out for further information:

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Add this to the end of ~/.bashrc:

# colors:
PROMPT_BLUE=`tput setf 1`
PROMPT_GREEN=`tput setf 2`
PROMPT_CYAN=`tput setf 3`
PROMPT_RED=`tput setf 4`
PROMPT_MAGENTA=`tput setf 5`
PROMPT_YELLOW=`tput setf 6`
PROMPT_WHITE=`tput setf 7`
PROMPT_BLACK=`tput setf 8`

# prompt which shows  yellow path relative to Your home dir:
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