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I apologize if I mispeak as I'm pretty new to the tech world. Basically i have a directory of server logs arranged accoring to the User's IP address. I am looking for a way to download every log in a directory without having to do so one at a time. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advanced

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I'm going to make some assumptions about your question, so if they're wrong, please edit your question to clarify. First, I am assuming that you have two Ubuntu systems, one that is a web server called server that has your log files, and one that is a desktop system where you wish to download these files. Second, I'll assume that the server has sshd running to facilitate remote access, and that you can log in as a user called user with access to the log files.

To do this, I would run an scp command on the desktop system:

scp -r user@server:/path/to/get/log/files /path/to/put/log/files
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