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in my laptop it is showing grub rescue and I have done the following steps


That is

set root=(hdX,Y)
insmod linux
linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sdXY ro
initrd /initrd.img
initrd /initrd.img

Then booted and it is coming to ubuntu successfully. Now I have done

sudo update-grub 

then rebooted. Now it is again coming to grub rescue. What should be done now ?

All this happened after I created a new partition in windows 7 (logical volume)

Now I run set again and it is showing prefix as hd0,msdos6/boot/grub. My linux installation is on 7 that means, the values are not changed. By the way, I cannot take ubuntu GUI as it is bouncing back to login screen again

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now I managed this : I am running insmod normal and then normal. So it is showing the normal boot screen. But after restart it is still showing grub rescue. So I am doing this every time I turn on the machine. –  Happy Coder Jun 18 '13 at 10:52
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